Fascias, soffits and guttering

What is Roofline & why does it matter?

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The roofline is where the walls of your house meet the roof. It’s where your gutters collect the rainwater running from your roof, and channel it safely away into your drains.

The roofline is the weakest point of the building and the area that gets the most punishment from the elements; where weather can attack and damage your home. Because access is difficult, it’s also the least observed area and the hardest to maintain. It’s not the ideal spot for a vulnerable material such as wood.

Driving rain can force itself through the slightest gap between the roof and the walls exposing your home to the elements. Left unchecked, water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down your outside walls creating conditions that can lead to unhealthy damp and mould on the inside. If moisture gets into your roof, rafters and joists will soon start to rot. And once the damage has been done, repairs are costly.

Old-fashioned roofline is made of timber, but wood moves and absorbs water, leading to rot and decay. Wood is great for furniture, but without maintenance it doesn’t provide great protection against the weather.

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Supply & Installation

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Whether you are redesigning or maintaining your home our team of qualified installers and surveyors can provide you with the perfect solution for your roofline needs.

The choice is yours, UPVC, composite or timber and can supply a wide range of colours and styles from leading brands, Freefoam and Freeflow.

Complementary rainwater products are also available in a choice of designs. Our team of competent technicians can complete a wide range of roofline improvements and repairs.

Quality First

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All of our roofline products come with……

  • A minimum 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Typically 85% recycled materials
  • Freefoam certification
  • Long-life Advanced Compressible Seals
  • Leak free fully integrated system
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • 50 year transferable guarantee on white
  • 10 year transferable guarantee on colour and woodgrain

We can repair

We can repair or replace weathered fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding – timber, UPVC, aluminium or cast iron effect.

If you are looking for something that is not here please contact our office today.

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Enjoy the Benefits

Low or no upkeep required
Colour choices
A choice of colours including woodgrain effects
Matching options
Colour and styles to compliment every building

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Safe and healthy homes can protect your home from the top down with our roofline solutions